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9 Totally Free Audio-streaming Software For Windows 7 That Businesses Use In 2020

The new Safari, though, included with Mountain Lion, is a big improvement. We plan to keep this guide updated as each new month passes. See the second page for info on how we’re dealing with factors like regions, staged rollouts, calculating dates, and more methodological info.

The Fitness app or Health app fail to launch or load data on your ‌iPhone‌. Your workout route maps are missing in the Fitness app on ‌iPhone‌ for previous GPS-enabled workouts from your Apple Watch. As we push away from the software’s release we’ve seen complaints from people who have made the move to iOS 14/iOS 14.0.1. Some of the problems are minor, others are far more problematic. Stay updated on the latest products and services anytime, anywhere.

For example, the February 2020 update rolled out on February 24th, the December 2019 patches were released on December 31st, and so on. Matching Google for first place is Samsung’s current flagship phone, the Galaxy S20. Granted, the phone has only been available to purchase for a few months, but Samsung has been extremely quick to update the phone so far.

  • Auslogics is certified as a Silver Microsoft Partner, which means that their products are highly compatible with Windows OS tools.
  • The Pro version allows you to quickly find and install updates.
  • In Auslogics Driver Updater free version all the basic features are at hand, but with some limitations.
  • In general, AVG Driver Updater is a decent free driver updater, optimal for restoring driver backups.
  • In the Free version, only a fraction of all features are available, yet unlimited in amount of use.

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The Activity app is reporting an inaccurate amount of data storage on your Apple Watch. The Health app or Fitness app is reporting an inaccurate amount of data storage on your ‌iPhone‌.

What we’re really talking about here is an extra television, one that helps you keep tabs on your favorite binge-worthy show on Amazon Prime or another app. You won’t pull out the popcorn and sit back on the sofa for that new BBC series you love , but maybe you will catch up on CNN. Many of us now use set-top boxes like the Apple TV or an Xbox One for streaming, but that means more cords and more power consumption.

We compiled a list of dates for security patches for each major 2019 Android flagship, starting from January 2019 or when the phone was released in the United States . Jack M. Germain has been an ECT News Network reporter since 2003. His main areas of focus are enterprise IT, Linux and open-source technologies.

Sure, it would be nice if we could upgrade to a smart television with every app known to the human race already built-in, but the latest high-end models cost north of $2,000 or so. The software worked very well, completing full paragraphs without errors and recognizing where to put spaces, though not punctuation. While the dictation function worked in the address bar of Safari and in Gmail, it didn’t work in Google Docs. Turn on the dictation function under System Preferences, press the function key twice, put your cursor where you want your text to appear and start talking. It has become habit for me to install an extra browser as soon as I get a new Mac laptop, because Apple’s Safari has fallen behind Google’s Chrome.

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Like other phones from OnePlus, the 7 Pro typically skips every other month, and receives patches several weeks after they are released. For example, the May 2020 patch took 24 days to roll out, and the July patch didn’t appear on the OnePlus 7 Pro until August 4th. While software gartis there were a few instances of Nokia rolling out the update in the first week of the month, most patches were released around two weeks later.

He is an esteemed reviewer of Linux distros and other open-source software. In addition, Jack extensively covers business technology and privacy issues, as well as developments in e-commerce and consumer electronics. RoboLinux comes with everything you need — and then some — to make daily computing tasks convenient.